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June 19, 2012

Trend: Her lips sweet surprise

June 14, 2012

Top: Diane Kordas Ring, Markus Lupfer Tee, Lynn Ban Necklace, Bottom: LuLu Guinness Bag, Evocateur Cuff, Prada Shoes, Wildfox Tee.

The reason I became obsessed with this trend is the Markus Lupfer tee shirt above. I saw it on The Man Repeller’s blog and I fell in love. I recently did an art project where I had to design a CD cover in black and white. My cover featured a women with a pair of wayfarers on and literally almost those exact lips. My inspiration for the cover was Lara Stone, who was also Markus’s muse. Geniuses think a like. This tren also reminds me of the iconic rolling stone mouth, which has always been a favorite in the fashion world. This trend is super sexy and really different from what I have seen this summer. I wonder how Lara herself feels about this.

Photo of the Day: Happy Birthday Marilyn

June 1, 2012

Obsession: Underwire Bikini

May 29, 2012

Top: (left to right) J.Crew Tops, Topshop, Mara Hoffman Bottom: Mara Hoffman, Zimmermann, Anthropologie

Okay I am absolutely hooked on underwire anything! Last year I wore a gorgeous underwire dress to my semi formal dance last year and it was gorgeous. I love these bathing suits because they are so retro looking. They are perfect for all bodies. For girls with larger chests, it offers more support. For girls with smaller chests, it makes their chest look larger. If I could pick any bikini trend this summer, this would be my absolute favorite. These are every where now. H&M and Victoria Secret make less expensive versions, while department stores like Bloomies offer a range of higher end versions.

Photo of the day: Never too young to be too chic

May 28, 2012


Meet my five year old sister Charlotte. I must say, I have trained her well. We have been having a beautiful MDW. Unfortunately, I have such a bad sunburn (summer fever hit me a little too hard.) As we speak I am sitting by my pool blogging with my raspberry iced tea and my Marc Jacobs sunnies on, perfection. How cute is my sister clad in a neon yellow bikini. So on trend. Yes her towel is Juicy Couture. It is beyond adorable. My dad has always called her his sunshine girl so when we saw this we HAD to buy it for her. Anyways, what is a beach girl without her adorbsie towel and bug eye sunnies. Hope you enjoyed this post and look for some new exciting summery posts coming up! xx love maddie

WANT: Ready for Summer!

May 22, 2012

Just me channeling my inner Veruca Salt. Here are some things that made me feel greedy today.

Backpack I love backpacks! They are so casual and perfect for the beach. I love them because you can store everything in them. They are a lot less annoying then heavy totes weighing down a shoulder.

High Waisted Shorts I don’t care where they are from, all I want is a pair of high waisted light wash denim shorts! The problem with these type of shorts is they are not all the most flattering, so you have to find the perfect pair. I am still on the hunt but I am determined to find a pair. I would love a pair of vintage levi’s, but I am not a very good thrifter.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. You are all probably tired of this bag but I really want one! It is such a cult favorite but there is a reason for that, its adorable! My favorite colors are the hot pink and neon yellow.

Mara Hoffman Bikini How gorgeous is this bathing suit? It combines my two fave trends: tribal and mint. The shape of this bathing suit is perfect for girls like me, girls who have a smaller chest. Bustier tops have always been an absolute favorite of mine.

Alexander McQueen Scarf It is safe to say that I have wanted one of these scarves for ever. Recently I went to visit a friend and instead of a chiffon scarf, she had the cashmere blend. It was beautiful! I definitely want one for myself.

Photo of the day: J.Simps does Bardot

May 9, 2012

How beautiful is she! This is from behind the scenes of her Elle cover shoot. They said the theme for Jessica’s look was Brigitte Bardot.