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Jenny Packham: Spring Summer 2012

January 19, 2012

My faves from Jenny Packham summer and spring 2012 collection!

I love this dress! My favorite things about it are the colors and the sparkles. The shape is perfect for something you would wear in the summer. The cage like beading is simply adorbs.

This dress is honestly just beautiful! The color is so powerful and I am glad she only used solids on this dress. The shape is beautiful and I love the detail on the upper shoulder. This dress is just wow!

The color of this dress is once again just so phenomenal! I adore the plunging neckline and the over all flowing shape. The slit in the leg makes it a little more sultry.

This dress is beautiful! The shape is perfect!The colors are wonderful, but my favorite part has to be the ombre effect at the end of the skirt.

This little romper is so cute! I love the white lace! I am definitely going to be wearing lace this summer mostly because I am inspired by my love Kate Middleton! How perfect considering Jenny is an old English chap herself!

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