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Selena Gomez: Hit the Lights

January 25, 2012

So as I was watching this adorable music video, I got the idea to do a blog post on some of her cute outfits!

This was not my favorite outfit, but I really  adore the purple under skirt. I think this dress is very bold and serves its purpose as a crazy music video outfit! Oh and the silver oxfords are to die.

I love this! The beaded dress is so beautiful on her and I love how she made it casual with the denim jacket.  The color scheme of this outfit is perfect! Her hair and makeup is gorgeous as always!

I am in love with this top! My two favorite things: sparkles and cold-shoulder cut outs. I really like the surprising gold, black, and coral colors she has in this outfit. Once again, I love how she makes the gorgeous top more casual with the tennis shoes and cutoff shorts.

I am obsessed with this outfit! The leather looking aqua bustier is amazing. Leather is really coming back in, but I mean when did leather go out! This outfit is a perfect balance of edgy and girly. I really love the way the neon pink lace skirt looks on top of the blue mock leather.  Lastly the shoes, they are simply amazing (maybe the best part)


This outfit is incredible! I am absolutely obsessed! The top of this dress is simply gorgeous. Anything bling or shiny is my weakness! I also love the dress shape, it is really flattering on her tiny shape.

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