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Le Bal Des Debutantes Style

February 7, 2012

Did someone say debutante? Coming from a complete girly girl, a debutante ball is the epitome princess. I mean, who doesn’t love wearing couture and dancing the night away? Dreams came true when a few very established american teenagers flew to paris for a magical night (on first class of course.)

This is Margaret Qualley in Elie Saab Couture. I am absolutely obsessed with this dress. The color is perfect for her skin tone and really accentuates her beautiful hair. The beading on this dress is exquisite. This dress is so classy and perfect for the occasion. Ashlee Simpson wore this dress in black to the Sag awards.

Tallulah Wilis in a beautiful black Lanvin gown. To me, this dress is simply breathtaking. The silhouette of this dress is completely gorgeous. The beading at the bust of this dress makes it amazing. I love detail in a gown, it makes it seem more magical. This dress might be my favorite of the night. Atlanta De Cedenet Taylor is wearing Chanel Couture. I love this dress so much. It is extremely classy and I am in love with the color. The shape looks great on her figure and the color makes her skin glow. This dress is so 1930s debutante.

Theresa and Misha Horne in matching House of Worth Dresses. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love the fact that the twins decided to wear matching gowns. I am not a huge fan of the waist of this dress, but the bust is absolutely beautiful. I applaud these girls for taking an edgy risk and wearing a sheer bottom dress. I don’t know if I like the sheer or not, but there is definitely something cool about it.

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