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LF Store Spring 2012

March 27, 2012

So as I was in LF the other day, I happened to stroll upon all of their new spring line. I have to say, It was pretty much amazing. It looked like the rainbow threw up on the store, and I loved it. Everything about the clothing in the store screamed summer. I was mostly obsessed with their brightly dyed colored cut off denim shorts. Honestly the store put me in such a good mood that I almost bought everything in there. The trends right now are totally reminding me of the 90’s with a chic and contemporary twist, which I am perfectly okay with. Also am I the only one who immediately wants to pack my suitcase for Coachella when I am in Lf. Honestly, I am loving the dyed denim and neon crop tops that are going to be the trendiest wardrobe pieces this summer. I seriously can not get enough of LF. The moment I discovered this amazing store, my bank account officially started to hate me #shopoholic.

All Photos From LF Stores


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