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Raddest Gal: Lily Collins

May 9, 2012

My rad gal of the moment might just be the most relatable yet unique teenager on the Hollywood scene. I mean besides the fact that her dad is a world famous rockstar, she is like any other young girl. One of my favorite things about Lily is that she is so hardworking. One would think that having a famous father would allow her to get everything handed her, but that is not the case. Lily went to college as a journalism major, and later went on to be a newscaster for nickelodeon. Why I really love Lily Collins is how undaunted she is by the things people say about her. She is completely apathetic towards what people think of her. That includes peoples opinions on her fierce eyebrows, which I am obsessed with. Her style is so different but extremely captivating. I mean her outfit at the Mirror Mirror premier in Paris was so different but so flawless! Here are some of my favorite photos of Lily! 


April Favorites!

May 7, 2012

Philosophy Falling in Love Summer This perfume is so pretty! It has a beautiful soft scent! My words to describe it are light, floral and citrus. Basically summer in a bottle. My favorite thing about philosophy perfumes is how clean they smell. They are so fresh and just pretty.

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle This is so beautiful! I use it as a highlight on my cheekbones every morning. It gives a perfect glow to the face. It makes me feel tan and like summer!

St. Tropez Self Tan Mouse I love the effect this gives on my skin! The tan is so natural looking. It is a gorgeous bronze glow color. Im pathetic for summer to start, and this is getting me through these last few weeks until I can tan for real.

Korres Milk Proteins Wipes These are to die! First of all, they smell amazing. They are  really smooth and soothing. I use these every night to take all my makeup off and boy do they get the job done. I feel fresh every night after I use them.

Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm So soothing, so smooth. I am so addicted to this stuff. It smells so good, and I don’t leave the house without it!

Message me if you have questions! Check out my youtube ItsNastyStyle

Lana Del Rey “Born to Die” Inspired Makeup

April 20, 2012

I loved this so much! It was actually loads of fun for me. I made the headband myself from supplies I bought at ac moore for about $13. The makeup is completely, and thats what I love about it. How did I do compared to the original? Watch the video here.

Flower Power

April 18, 2012

So since I have been obsessing over Coachella street style for the past week, my style has been a little bit more “hipster” or Cali relax. My new favorite trend is flower crown/headbands. They can tend to look a little costumey, but if you pull them off correctly they are flawless. My biggest inspiration for these are worn by the talented Lana Del Rey. I am almost as obsessed with her style as I am her amazing music. If you haven’t heard her music I suggest you should. She is so rad. These headbands look best with messy waves for a Coachella look or soft curls for a Lana look. I honestly can not get enough of these beautiful hair accessories. They are so soft but make any look stand out from the crowd. I will definitely be sporting one of these this summer, even though I will be the only one wearing one for miles! The great thing about these is you can purchase them at many different places or even make one for yourself. The flower crown may be a little to editorial for some people, but either way I am hooked! Some are more expensive, and some are a little cheaper. Here are some of my favorite looks including a flower crown:

Pictures are not mine! Hope you liked it xx

Whats In My Coachella Bag?

April 10, 2012

As I am embarrassed to say I have not been and will not be going to Coachella any time soon! That going said, I have made a pretty solid plan of how I would pack my Coachella bag! A girl can dream, right?

1. Sunscreen It is going to be pretty hot and sunny at the festival! Remember, personal hygiene is always a factor no matter where you are.

2. Camera Fun times mean good memories which always calls for pictures! Besides what if Kate Bosworth is sitting next to you wearing something totally chic! #kodakmoment

3. Lipstick Extremely self explanatory.

4. Phone A true betch does not go anywhere without her phone! How else would she be able to tweet every hour on the hour?

5. Headphones Much needed to jam on the road trip to the festival.

6. Sunnies Honestly if you are even thinking about going to Coachella without statement sunnies, I suggest you sell your ticket on ebay to someone more deserving.

7. Wallet So you can eat! Duh! Or in case you need to buy something super trendy!

8. Some Music The road trip up is always half as much fun as the actual event one is going to, so crank up the tunes and let your long hipster hair blow out the window!

9. Water Face Spray Trust me, you will be hot and you will thank me later.

10. Compact Mirror So you will always know what you look like, even if its bad!

11. Turban Just in case your outfit isn’t chic enough and you need to bring it to the next level.

A Morning Walk

April 10, 2012

Top: American Eagle, Sweater: J.Crew, Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Pants: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Dingo, Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Selena Gomez: KCA Dolce and Gabbana

April 1, 2012

How perfect is she? I am absolutely in love with this outfit. She is totally on top of my favorite trend, the cropped bustier. Beaded skirts and bra tops, does it get any better? She is glowing in this outfit. Seriously, she looks so flawless and thin. I think she wears it better then the runway model. Especially because she got rid of the buttons down the middle. When ever Sel wears Dolce and Gabbanna I die! I mean Vanity Fair 2011, Vanity Fair 2012, and Billboard Music Awards 2011. She looks so stunning! Why do I always die over her outfits? The Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2012 Runway Look:

Hope you liked this post! xx